Ecumenical Order of St. John of Gothia

The Ecumenical Order of St. John of Gothia’s purpose is to preserve the traditions of the ancient Church of the Goths in the Crimea and the Northern Sea of Azov. This concerns preserving the culture of the descendants of the Gothic, Greek, and Urum peoples who still live in our area. Now, unfortunately, this territory is occupied by the Russian army. But we are helping the Volunteer Unit of the Territorial Defense of St. John of Gothia, in which the inhabitants of the Northern Sea of Azov, the descendants of the Christian population of ancient Crimea, also serve. The Order supports that Ukraine is a wall of Western civilization, democracy, and freedom in the East.


The Order is an Ecumenical Religious Confraternity and a Heritage Society and bestows religious decorations of merit.


Head and Guardian of the Great House of Gothia, the See of St. John of Gothia

Economo Rev. Yuriy Yurchyk, under the aegis of Ukrainian Catholic Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Donets.